Mobile Apps for c2c business - Feature List

Social Network and Sharing, P2P Communication, Image Sharing and Filters, Likes, Comments, Favorites, Coupons, Post Moderation, Communities, Content Discovery, Social Presence for Business & many more.

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Mobile Apps (Native Android, Native iOS & Web app) for any c2c business

Some of the Features

ONGO Framework

Social Network And Sharing

All the deals, offers & items can be shared through the social platforms and they can rate the deals, offers & items on the platforms. This can allow admin to give specific discounts to the most popular shares and comments.

ONGO Framework

Products / Merchandise

Peer to Peer communication engine across all the listings and deals or for a specific set of listings and deals based on the business preferences.

ONGO Framework

Image Sharing And Filters

Image sharing can be filtered and post them accordingly in various different platforms. Image filtering can be done by the admin or any other user who was assigned to do the job.

ONGO Framework


Coupons can be made available to the customers based on their purchase / behaviour history. Coupons can be generated with time bound limit or limited usage based on the business preferences.

ONGO Framework

Post Moderation

All the posts can be moderated by the admin and then allow it for the public viewing. Any obscene posts can be filtered right away and flag the post or the user as inappropriate by warning / blocking the user.

ONGO Framework

Content Discovery

Content can be discovered by the list of postings (images, products descriptions, comments/ shares etc.) All these can be maintained as content repository for further usage for the business.

Business App Features

ONGO Framework

Manage Loyalty

Reach & Retain consumers with the help of loyalty program. Manage loyalty through the APP.

ONGO Framework

Lead Management

Manage leads generated from the app and convert leads into loyal consumers.

ONGO Framework

Push Notifications

Keep the Consumer updated about latest offers, products, etc., by pushing notifications on their mobile.

ONGO Framework

Manage Reviews

View the reviews posted by the users and display only the relevant reviews.

ONGO Framework

Campaign Management

Create and Manage campaigns to attract more consumers.

ONGO Framework


Secure the data, inventory, orders and the consumer base.

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