Mobile Apps for restaurant business - Feature List

Restaurant Based Delivery Solution, Aggregator Based Delivery Solution, Network of same Restaurant Based Delivery Solution, Loyalty Engine, Coupon Engine, Restaurant CMS ( Individual and Aggregator Model ), Analytics, Role Based Logins, Unified Admin Panel & many more.

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Mobile Apps (Native Android, Native iOS & Web app) for any restaurant business

Some of the Features

Restaurant Based Delivery Solution

Customer can see the entire menu displayed in a beautiful way with all the images and they can order from the menu list displayed.

Aggregator Based Delivery Solution

A market place for all the restaurants and its menu is viewed under each restaurant with multiple categories. Customers can order the items from any specific restaurant or multiple restaurants.

Role Based Logins

Back end admin can create roles in the CMS for different functions. Delivery role, Chef Role, Finance role and Customer support role etc.

Loyalty Engine

Customers can earn loyalty points against each order and can redeem the same against any specific order. This feature can be made available against a minimum amount or for a specific item/restaurant.

Coupon Engine

Coupons can be made available for loyal customers with seasonal promotional messages, events (birthday, marriage day) asking them to redeem the same against their next purchase.

Restaurant CMS ( Individual and Aggregator Model )

A unified CMS (web & android) for the restaurant owner to monitor overall progress, employee progress, customer satisfaction, customer engagement, role creations & view analytics.


In-depth analytics engine allows admin to monitor, track based on the inputs set by the admin. These inputs can be altered /modified /changed which results in different view patterns of analytics.

Business App Features

ONGO Framework

Manage Loyalty

Reach & Retain consumers with the help of loyalty program. Manage loyalty through the APP.

ONGO Framework

Lead Management

Manage leads generated from the app and convert leads into loyal consumers.

ONGO Framework

Push Notifications

Keep the Consumer updated about latest offers, products, etc., by pushing notifications on their mobile.

ONGO Framework

Manage Reviews

View the reviews posted by the users and display only the relevant reviews.

ONGO Framework

Campaign Management

Create and Manage campaigns to attract more consumers.

ONGO Framework


Secure the data, inventory, orders and the consumer base.

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