Mobile Apps for PaaS - Feature List

Integrated Solution Model, Pay As You Use, Zero Technology Fuss, Cloud Deployments, Bug Fixing, Version Upgrades, No Server / Infrastructure Problems, Unified Control Panel & many more.

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Some of the Features

Integrated Solution Model

ONGO Framework allows businesses to generate native android, native iOS & Web applications using a unified control panel. This allows businesses to enable any change by logging into the back-end admin panel, which reflects in all the three mediums (Android, iOS & Web).

Pay As You Use

ONGO framework offers its platform on SaaS / PaaS model. This allows business to cut down their IT expenditure in significant proportions. ONGO comes with infrastructure (cloud or hybrid) which allows business to concentrate on their core strength and leave the headache of IT function to ONGO.

Zero Technology Fuss

Business owners can create any role / service / function / forms etc. without any coding. A simple drag and drop or selection list allows businesses to create any functionality. The ease of doing business was never made so easy.

Cloud Deployments & Bug Fixing

Since ONGO offers on SaaS / PaaS model, all the bug fixings and deployments are taken care within the offerings. Businesses need not uninstall & reinstall the application to view the necessary modifications. Application auto refreshes and ready to function.

Version Upgrades

All the version upgrades are part of SaaS / PaaS offering. In case, apple or google changes their programming language or releases the new version, businesses need to be tensed, since ONGO controls all these and enables smooth functioning of the app with updated code and programming language.

Unified Control Panel

Control panel can be given in web, android & iOS or all the three platforms based on customer choice and preferences. Any change which is made in the admin panel reflects in all the three mediums (Web, Android & iOS) instantly. This reduces lot of time for businesses in updation activities. ONGO does all these by generating Native Android, Native iOS & Web Applications.

Business App Features

ONGO Framework

Manage Loyalty

Reach & Retain consumers with the help of loyalty program. Manage loyalty through the APP.

ONGO Framework

Lead Management

Manage leads generated from the app and convert leads into loyal consumers.

ONGO Framework

Push Notifications

Keep the Consumer updated about latest offers, products, etc., by pushing notifications on their mobile.

ONGO Framework

Manage Reviews

View the reviews posted by the users and display only the relevant reviews.

ONGO Framework

Campaign Management

Create and Manage campaigns to attract more consumers.

ONGO Framework


Secure the data, inventory, orders and the consumer base.

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