Mobile Apps for healthcare business - Feature List

Appointment Booking Engine, Diagnostic Test Booking Engine, Door Step Sample Collection, Doctor Calendar, Calendar Management Engine, Hospital Management Engine, Technician App, Doctor App, Consumer App, Third Party Integrations, Unified Admin Panel & many more.

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Mobile Apps (Native Android, Native iOS & Web app) for any healthcare business

Some of the Features

ONGO Framework

Appointment Booking Engine

Patients can book an appointment for a particular doctor in a particular hospital. Patients also can check the available slots and book a slot according to their convenience.

ONGO Framework

Diagnostic Test Booking Engine

Patients can book a test for all blood, urine & thyroid etc. as per their location conveneince. Patients also can use GPS facility to find the nearest centre.

ONGO Framework

Door Step Sample Collection

Patients can ask technician to come and collect samples at their respective homes. Patients can track the technician movement and their sample collection report through the app or via an e-mail.

ONGO Framework

Hospital Management Engine

Any number of categories can be placed in the home page, UI and UX will automatically align to the app without changing User Experience. This can be done on IOS, Android & Web App (Both being native) using a single admin panel.

ONGO Framework

Technician App

Technician can see the sample collection jobs that they need to attend, they can start the route plan and attend the patients as per the time slots. They can also be given an option to edit the job list, in case the patient is not at home.

ONGO Framework

Third Party Integrations

ONGO Framework can integrate with any third party integrations that the hospital or the lab is using to generate a smooth business process and improve overall efficiency in managing the business.

ONGO Framework

Doctor Calendar

Entire hospital network (lab, operations, finance, admin, IP and OP etc.,) can be automated using ONGO Framework at a very rapid pace.

Business App Features

ONGO Framework

Manage Loyalty

Reach & Retain consumers with the help of loyalty program. Manage loyalty through the APP.

ONGO Framework

Lead Management

Manage leads generated from the app and convert leads into loyal consumers.

ONGO Framework

Push Notifications

Keep the Consumer updated about latest offers, products, etc., by pushing notifications on their mobile.

ONGO Framework

Manage Reviews

View the reviews posted by the users and display only the relevant reviews.

ONGO Framework

Campaign Management

Create and Manage campaigns to attract more consumers.

ONGO Framework


Secure the data, inventory, orders and the consumer base.

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