Mobile Apps for Enterprise Mobility - Feature List

Customised Work Flow Management, Third Party Integrations,Role based & User based login’s, Features & Functionality Development, 60% reduced development effort, Pre integrated partner network, Industry Agnostic Framework, In-built work flow management modules & many more.

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Some of the Features

Customised Work Flow Management

Any sort of Workflows can be configured using ONGO Framework. ONGO comes with extreme customisation possible framework, which allows business owners to develop workflows pertaining to their business logic and needs.

Third Party Integrations

Third party Integrations such as ERP, CRM, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Payment Gateway & any other legacy system can be easily integrated to the mobile & web applications which, allow the business to function smoothly.

Role Based & User Based Login’s

Any number of roles or users can be created with multiple combinations of approval hierarchy with tightly integrated or loosely integrated of various departments and functions.

Features & Functionality Development

Any new features and functionalities can be developed using ONGO framework at very quick timelines. These features can be integrated with other features or can function as a stand alone feature based on the business needs.

60% Reduced Development Effort

ONGO framework USP is, it reduces development work by atlas 60% when you compare with other service providers. This allows business to quickly roll out the applications and create a fast go to market strategy or improve in their overall business process efficiency.

Pre integrated partner network

ONGO comes with integrated partner network module, we have integrated our framework with few of the worlds largest discovery platforms, payment gateways, Push notification partners, growth intelligence platforms, analytics platforms, market places, logistics platforms, search partners & communication partners etc.

Business App Features

ONGO Framework

Manage Loyalty

Reach & Retain consumers with the help of loyalty program. Manage loyalty through the APP.

ONGO Framework

Lead Management

Manage leads generated from the app and convert leads into loyal consumers.

ONGO Framework

Push Notifications

Keep the Consumer updated about latest offers, products, etc., by pushing notifications on their mobile.

ONGO Framework

Manage Reviews

View the reviews posted by the users and display only the relevant reviews.

ONGO Framework

Campaign Management

Create and Manage campaigns to attract more consumers.

ONGO Framework


Secure the data, inventory, orders and the consumer base.

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